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Have you thought about LASIK surgery as an alternative to wearing your glasses or contacts? Although many patients are excellent candidates for LASIK, it is a decision that should be carefully considered and not taken lightly. Your eyes and vision are precious, and LASIK is something you should never “bargain hunt” for on price.

Dr. Dunn & Dr. Weldon co-manage with the most reputable LASIK surgeons in the Nashville area providing comprehensive pre-operative examinations to determine if you are indeed a good candidate for surgery. Once our doctors have completed your LASIK evaluation, discussed all pros and cons with you, and your final decision for surgery has been made, we will then set up your surgery consult with the surgeon of your choice. Dr. Dunn & Dr. Weldon can also administer all post-operative visits following your surgery. Contact us today to learn more about LASIK as an option or to schedule your evaluation.

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