Are Contact Lenses a Good Fit for my Child?

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Countless individuals in the United States have some form or degree of visual issue. The most common are the refractive errors that may hinder more than 150 million Americans. These refractive disorders are caused by the eyes’ inability to properly focus incoming light, causing nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia (age-related vision loss). You shouldn’t have to struggle against your vision while trying to work or enjoy your daily life. And it’s not fair for your children to have to deal with poor eyesight, either.

Therefore, one of the best ways to help them lead active, happy, productive lives is to bring them in for an appointment in Franklin, TN. At Family Vision Care of Cool Springs, Dr. Daxx Dunn will formulate an ocular health plan with their optimal outcome in mind, so get in touch with us today!

Are contact lenses a good fit for my child?

Contact lenses could help your child see the world clearly while ditching the glasses, though contact lenses must be used appropriately. This is why we’re proud to offer your loved ones a comprehensive training course for the insertion and removal of contact lenses, along with any other helpful tips and tricks for all ages.

We’ll then be happy to schedule a follow-up appointment at Family Vision Care of Cool Springs to see that you’re comfortable using your new contact lenses and that they’re correctly improving vision as they should be. Of course, these follow-ups will not replace an in-depth and routine eye exam, so it’s important to stay proactive about ocular check-ups, so we can track your overall eye health and evaluate if your (or your loved ones’) prescription has changed.

Contact lenses offer multiple advantages

Advanced medical techniques have made almost everything more convenient and comfortable, and many users of modern contact lenses report no discomfort. Lenses may have other advantages over prescription glasses, especially for those with active lifestyles. Whether it’s sporting hobbies or a career based on physical activity, contact lenses provide a snugger fit and better stability. This could be essential for your young ones, who may be bouncing off the walls naturally or involved in various sports and energetic activities.

Lenses could help your child stay at their active best and enjoy social activities as they should. Furthermore, proper vision can assist in achieving optimal academic outcomes. Struggling with poor vision, or uncomfortable or self-conscious-affecting glasses can distract a child from scholastic responsibilities. Improper eyesight can also make it harder to focus or concentrate, and cause a number of other health concerns, including headaches, eye strain, and any related difficulties that arise from these issues.

We’re also eager to provide the timeliest possible treatment, which is why we have a state-of-the-art optical clinic on site. This means you or your family won’t have to wait long for your life-improving visual aid. We also offer a wide variety of lenses and specialty lenses, including daily wear and extended wear contacts.

Contact lenses can enhance your child’s vision

Poor eyesight is a significant but often overlooked health issue that can detrimentally affect children in various ways. Fortunately, contact lenses may offer a great choice to improve your loved one's vision and overall standard of living. So, contact us today at Family Vision Care of Cool Springs to explore your options with Dr. Daxx Dunn, or come see us in Franklin, TN.

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