Will Rubbing My Dry Eyes Make Them Feel Worse?

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Dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition that causes discomfort for millions of Americans every day. The occasional eye dryness or discomfort may not necessarily mean you have this condition since these annoyances could arise for many reasons. However, if you are constantly struggling with eye dryness or other symptoms, such as stinging, scratchiness, or hazy vision, visit us in Franklin, TN, so that Dr. Daxx Dunn can formulate the most effective treatment plan possible.

Winning back your daily comfort and productivity by finding dry eye relief can be as simple as contacting us at Family Vision Care of Cool Springs.

How can I know if I have dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome can comprise numerous life-stifling or even vision-impairing symptoms that can quickly cause exasperation. Scratchiness and stinging are two common complaints, as are the sensations of heavy, tired, or achy eyes. Some also have the feeling that sand or some other tiny foreign object is stuck in their eye. And in what seems like a counterintuitive effect, dryness may cause your eyes to attempt to fix the problem by producing extra tears, leading to watery eyes or excessive tearing.

Other unpleasantries can also occur, including bloodshot eyes and sensitivity to light. In some cases, a patient's vision can be impaired as well, as some people struggle with hazy vision or cannot see well at night. Lens wearers may also experience extreme discomfort while trying to wear their contacts. One of the best ways to determine if you have dry eye syndrome is to see Dr. Dunn in Franklin, TN for a professional consultation.

Will rubbing my dry eyes make them feel worse?

It's imperative not to rub your eyes if you are experiencing any uncomfortable symptoms. Rubbing your eyes will not fix the problem and can make it worse by exerting undue stress on the delicate ocular structures and tissues. Plus, rubbing your eyes will do nothing to get to the root of the problem because dry eye syndrome is caused by an inadequate quantity or quality of tears.

It may be that the body does not produce enough tears. Or the components of tears could be off, as tears are more than water and also contain mucus and oil. Together, these components help them resist evaporation, offer protection and lubrication, and more effectively coat the eye.

Therefore, your best treatment strategy depends on finding the origin of your condition, whether it's hormonal changes, medications, lifestyle factors, or underlying conditions like diabetes. In many cases, especially for those with milder forms of dry eye syndrome, the solution can be as quick and easy as administering some prescription or non-prescription artificial tears.

If these eye drops do not prove effective, we can explore other treatment options, including punctal occlusion, which closes off the tear ducts to help hold your natural tears in the eyes.

Find effective dry eye solutions today in Franklin, TN

Dr. Daxx Dunn understands how exasperating it can be to try to complete your daily duties and enjoy your leisure time if you're experiencing the diverse discomforts caused by dry eye syndrome. But you don't have to suffer any longer because our specialists at Family Vision Care of Cool Springs are here to help you find relief and a favorable ocular outcome in Franklin, TN. So, schedule a consultation today to see how we can help you find relief.

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